You Don’t Have To Do Anything To Prove Your Worth

Sometimes we think our worth is dependent on what we do. So we try to exercise more, be more productive, lose weight, go to church, read our scriptures, dress our kids nicely, get out of debt, make healthy meals, make delicious meals, be nice, give service, the list could go on. None of these things are bad things. A lot of them are good things. But if we’re doing them so that we have “evidence” that we’re good and worthwhile, it’s exhausting. How will we ever know if we’re worthwhile?

How do we know the worth of a diamond? You might tell me all of the guidelines that decide the worth of a diamond. But where did those guidelines come from? Someone just made them up! Seriously! It came from someone’s brain and a lot of people agreed. Is a diamond of any worth to a 3 year old? They may think it’s pretty, but they’d probably rather have that toy that makes a sound when you push the button.

Just like a diamond, you just get to decide your worth. And guess what…no one has to agree with you. Nobody. I like to believe everyone is worthwhile. The guy who sits in his room playing video games all day. The woman who spends her time helping out at the homeless shelter. The man who goes to the temple every week. Even people who do horrible things in this world have infinite worth. I believe we get our worth from being children of God. If you are a human on this planet, then you are a child of God. Therefore you are 100% lovable. You are of infinite worth. This feels really good to me, and helps me be who I want to be.

How would it feel differently to do anything from a place of knowing your worthwhile whether you do something or not, than from a place of trying to prove your worth? Let me know what you think.