Your Story is Optional

What is your story about your life or situation? The story is just what you tell yourself about it. Sometimes our stories are helpful, and sometimes they are not helpful, or even hurtful.

I was listening to a woman get coached, and she said her story was, “Things just don’t work out for me.” Her brain had collected a lot of evidence for this. Our brains want to be right. So anytime we have a thought that we believe, our brain collects evidence that it is true. But then the coach pointed out how things just always work out for this woman. For example, she was getting coached. There were a lot of people who wanted to be coached that day, but that woman got a spot.

So who is right? They both are! It’s just how you look at it. However, the crazy thing is, you behave differently depending on which story you believe. If you believe that things just work out for you, you might try new things because you believe it will somehow work out. If you believe things just don’t work out for you, you may say, “Why try?” and give up. But you get to choose.

Think of a story you’re telling yourself, and try believing the opposite and see how it changes your life. Comment and let me know how it goes.